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My Story

       I live and paint in Eugene, Oregon. Located in the beautiful Willamette Valley, it is  filled  with liberal minded thinkers, old hippies, and ex pats from far and wide. It is affectionately referred to as "the last bastion of the eternally hip".  A long way from my roots in Pleasantville, New York this has been my home for 37 plus years. 


         My life time love of art and anything creative has led me through  a variety of structured and unstructured art experiences. I remember wanting to be an artist since the age of four.

            In the 70's and 80's I attended college art classes at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, State University of New York at Purchase, University of Iowa, and Lane Community College here in Eugene.


          Most of my art is created with acrylic paint and color paper. I use paper as a base or block to create texture and often allow some of the color of the paper to show through the paint.  The paint may be applied on top of the paper or below, whichever suits the piece. On occasion I will dabble in other mediums, pastel, and oil and cold wax. I do not consider my multimedia painting to be collage. It is not the intent.


             I share my work and bare my soul on this website. Many thanks to my husband Mike and fellow artists Sadie Smith, and Diane Lewis for their endless encouragement and help.

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